Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lifestyle kids portrait session

While I love photographing family portraits, and I certainly think they are a necessity to have done as keepsakes, my FAVORITE is just documenting kids being kids! Curious, messy, wild, kids. Most of my favorite pictures of my little boy are when I randomly grab the camera and document him doing something that shows his sweet and curious personality! The only downfall, I feel like when I'm taking photos I'm not truly present in whatever is going on, so I tend to only take a few quick snaps and then get back to playing. That is one of the reasons I'd LOVE to photograph more lifestyle portraits for families! Capture the everyday life, without the parents having to miss out on anything. Anyone interested in a session like this? At home, on a hike, at the beach, whatever fits your family!

These are of my toddler when we went on a little nature walk. There was lots of snail and roly poly touching, investigating "tunnels" (squirrel holes), and running around giggling. Such a fun time to remember!

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