Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I've moved...Again!

I've been scared to put this up on my blog, since I'm still shooting A LOT in the Bay Area, and I don't want old and new clients to think that I've completely left and am never coming back. However, I've had some major changes in the last few months that it's time I explained.

Eric (my husband) got a really amazing opportunity at work, that required that we move out of the country. We talked it over, and we decided that we're young (ish), we don't have kids, and ultimately we'd really regret it if we didn't take this opportunity. So we rented out our house, sold most of our stuff, and moved to a small town outside of Brisbane Australia. It's been quite a change, and I've just been getting settled and haven't even attempted to start a new business here yet. I do eventually plan to shoot weddings and portraits here, but for now I'm focusing on designing albums for past clients and updating my website.

For all of you California people who had thought about contacting me for shoots, please do! I had previously booked quite a few weddings this summer, and of course I'm not just going to cancel on my awesome clients, so I'll be in California for all of June and July. During that time I'm also scheduling portrait sessions, and even have a few boudoir days planned.

We aren't entirely sure how long we'll be here, but we do know we're moving to the Gold Coast in November, and will be in Australia anywhere from 1-3 years depending on how Eric's work projects go. We'll eventually move back into our Alameda house and I'll pick up where I left off. For now though, if you need to get in touch with me, email or Skype is the best form of communication.

Since I can't do a post without photos, but haven't shot anything here yet, here are some iPhone photos of some of our adventures so far. Including, me after hiking to the top of a waterfall, and Eric pretending not to be nervous as he's swarmed by kangaroos .

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