Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Albion River Inn Wedding- Morgan & Joe

I want to shoot every wedding in Mendocino. You photographers that live up there don't know how lucky you have it! It's never too hot, and you have a slight fog cover that makes everything look soft and dreamy. With ocean views and lush green plants, a photographer really couldn't ask for anything more. I adored the way the bright purples in Morgan & Joe's wedding popped against the soft background. And at around 100 people this wedding was the perfect size to be personal yet still have a good dance party. I loved this wedding!

Morgan & Joe's wedding was last fall at the Albion River Inn. It is a quaint little place with beautiful views and amazing rooms. I booked my room a bit too late and instead ended up staying down the road at a quirky old victorian inn. By quirky I mean that when I asked for double beds, they instead gave me 1 double sized bed. And our room didn't have a bathroom, there was 1 the whole floor shared! Luckily my 2nd shooter Casey and I are friends and it ended up being really fun. We got a bottle of wine and drank it in the lobby by the fireplace after the wedding, and got a really amazing breakfast and walked around the town the next day. All in all it was a great weekend!

Belated congrats Morgan & Joe!

Venue: Albion River Inn
2nd Shooter: Shannon Casey Splain
Video: That One Studio


Monday, January 7, 2013

Genoa Lakes Wedding: Nicole & Scott

Congrats to Nicole & Scott for having one of the most heartfelt and fun weddings ever. I've seriously never seen so many guests go from laughing to crying over and over again during a ceremony. High five to Nicole's brother for creating a ceremony that seemed to fit with their personalities exactly. I hadn't met Nicole or Scott until their wedding day, but I walked away from their wedding feeling like I knew exactly who they are.

I know it's been a while since the actual wedding day, but Congrats again you two! You are awesome :)

Nicole's brother officiated, and her Dad cried.

We were able to sneak back outside at sunset, which I always love to do. And apparently sunsets in Nevada are a lot more gorgeous than those in California.

Wedding Ceremony: Genoa Lakes Golf Club
2nd Shooter: Rebecca Wilkowski