Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Portraits

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Most of my family came over to our house, and we had a big dinner on Christmas Eve of both families combined. It was the first time (besides our wedding) that we've had so many family members from both mine and Eric's family there, so it was really fun to get everyone together!

With my side of the family, it's really really hard to get everyone together at once. It seems like at least 1 person is always missing, and we actually got all of us together earlier in the year for 1 day, so naturally my mom insisted that we take a group photo. We shot a couple group ones, but my favorites are when the kids started getting antsy and silly.

Here is the standard group photo that ended up on the Christmas Card

But I'm pretty sure this is the one that will end up on the wall

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