Friday, February 17, 2012

San Francisco Engagement Photography-Tina & Stephen

I posted a couple of these last week, but I couldn't resist posting more. Tina & Stephen are super cute, and had planned out exactly where they wanted to do all of their photos. Tina adores San Francisco, and wanted to go to all of the places in the city that are special to them. We started in Hayes Valley where Tina lives now, then we went to Chrissy Field where Stephen proposed, and ended up at Delfina where they had their first date. So here is a backwards look at their relationship :) I can't wait until their wedding!


  1. My favtorite shot is at Delfina where Stephen is whispering in Tina's ear... lovely lighting, angle, and what a fun moment captured! Cheers, Tina & Stephen!!! =)

    Judy & Chris

  2. We had so much fun Diana! We love your work! Your eye, coupled with the vibrancy of colors and lighting made some awesome shots. We are excited that you will be capturing more moments on our wedding day.

    Tina & Stephen