Friday, January 13, 2012

Heyo! It's Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th! I'm not superstitious at all, so the only time I care when the 13th is on a Friday is in April. My birthday is April 13th and weekend night birthdays are the best!

Regardless I figured I'd honor the day and fulfill my attempt to put more personal things on the blog in one sweep. So here we go with 13 things you don't know about me. I hope we have some things in common :)

1. Every Christmas I tell my husband what I want is for him to take swing dancing classes with me. It's been about 5 years of this and he's still refusing. One day, he'll break down. And it will be amazing.

2. I have an extreme hatred for anything pickled.

3. I once went hangliding while traveling in Switzerland. Despite the fact that I got air sick and threw up immediately upon landing, I've been dying to try it again. Anyone want to go with me?

4. I'm still good friends with multiple people that I've known since the 2nd grade.

5. Despite my best efforts, I have a really hard time keeping plants alive. I've killed cacti on more than 1 occasion.

6. I still have slumber parties with the girls. Wine, pizza, and lots of laughing. Sometimes it's so much better than going out.

7. I never intended to be a photographer. In college, the art classes were so impacted that you could only register for them if you were an art major. I had always loved photography, and desperately wanted to take a class, so after trying to get in for a year I decided to declare myself a photography major. I just wanted to take a few classes and had every intention of switching my major to sociology in a couple semesters. I fell in love with photography, and never looked back. I ended up graduating with a degree in Art Studio (emphasis photography), and a minor in sociology.

8. I have an enormous extended family. 8 aunts, 8 uncles, and 38 cousins. This is not even counting my cousins spouses, kids, or my in laws.

9. I always get a bit teary eyed during the father daughter dances at weddings.

10. My pet peeve is when people purposely misspell words for advertising purposes. Kwik Kleen, Fast Foto. Grrrrr....drives me CRAZY.

11. I used to constantly dramatically change my hair. Long and blond to short and black to a platinum blond bob, and more in-between. After 4 years of this, I developed an allergy to hair dye and now I'm stuck with the same blondish-reddish-brownish color. I dream of going bright red.

12. I love refinishing old furniture.

13. When I was younger I wanted to be a professional wakeboarder. I never got beyond jumping the wake, some grabs, and 180's, but still love to do go up to Shasta and wakeboard.

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