Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starlight Room Engagement Photos- Matt & Trish Part 2

So if the first part of their engagement session was the "nice" part, this part is definitely the "naughty" part. Change the jeans for a cocktail dress, insert champagne and a disco ball and you have a fabulously different shoot.

Matt proposed to Trish at the Starlight Room in the Sir Francis Drake, so they of course wanted to get some photos there. And I want to shoot there everyday. I contacted them to make sure we would be allowed to do a photo shoot there, and not only did they let us in 1/2 hour before opening time, but served us champagne while we shot (and after!), and accommodated my ridiculous requests. "Um excuse me but can we turn the disco ball on? Oh and I'm just gonna move all of these tables out of my way for a bit, thanks".  Thanks to all of the staff there, you guys were amazing!

Side note....did you know they do a drag queen show champagne brunch every Sunday?! It sounds amazing and I can't wait to go. Direct quote from the manager about his drag queens "My bitches are FIERCE!" Can't wait to do that before a little Christmas shopping!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Picchetti Winery engagement photos- Trish & Matt part 1

Here is the first stop of Matt & Trish's enagement shoot. We started out at Picchetti Winery to get some outdoor, day time photos with the dogs, and then ended at the Starlight Room for some more dramatic night shots. Those are so completely different they deserve their own blog post, so more to come tomorrow.

Piccetti Winery is known for the peacocks that roam around the outdoor areas. I'm telling you, wierd and unplanned animal experiences are becoming a routine in my shoots. Goats, horses, now peacocks. Something is going on here my friends. There was also a large spider incident on this shoot that I don't care to go into details on, but it was terrifying.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

San Francisco Newborn photography- Benjamin

Meet 5 day old Benjamin. He likes the camera as long as you don't dare try to get him to pose naked. He is also tiny, and the cutest thing ever. I got to hold him for a bit, which pretty much made my day.

Friday, November 18, 2011

San Francisco Exploratorium Wedding- Mary & Derek Continued

I promised more, so here it is! Mary and Derek had one of the most creative and different weddings I've ever photographed. I love when couples incorporate their own styles into their weddings and forgo the traditional ideas. I mean...just look at Mary's dress, and the bridemaids dresses! So fun and gorgeous. The ceremony was at the Wave Organ, and the reception was at the Exploratorium.

To see part 1, click here

Seriously, I'm obsessed with that dress. The way it moved when she walked, and how the layers were sheer with the sun behind them like that....sigh...

Toasts reactions always make me smile :)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Portraits!

It's the season for family portraits! Everyone is rushing to get their holiday cards done, which means I get to photograph some really adorable and amazing families. Merry Christmas to me :)

First up are shoots from a couple days ago. The Kathmans, Pack's and Asbills. All super cute families, so sweet, and such a pleasure to photograph. My only regret of the shoots...I never got a chance to hold that tiny baby. I should have at least pinched his chubby cheeks!


Monday, November 7, 2011

San Francisco Wedding - Mary & Derek

Just a few from Mary & Derek's ceremony at the Wave Organ in San Francisco, and reception at the Exploratorium. More to come!