Friday, September 16, 2011

Standford Engagement photos with a dog! - Christine & Keith

I absolutely love dogs. Its a little ridiculous actually. My husband and I regularly talk about what we will name our dog, when we finally live in a place where we can have one. So far, really serious sounding human names seem to be our favorite. A dog named Richard, William, Stephen, something along those lines would be hilarious. Or really annoying, depending on your sense of humor!

Christine and Keith lit up at the thought of bringing their dog Conrad to the engagement session, so it was clear he needed to be involved. And I probably got a little carried away with shots of Conrad, but he is just too cute, I couldn't help it! These were shot on the Stanford campus a few weeks ago. The best part about them being on the blog that it's also their wedding day! Congrats to Christine & Keith! Can't wait to photograph you shortly at the Allied Arts Guild!

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