Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's one at every wedding....

They're fairly easy to spot.  They're the guy in the back, slowly fist pumping as you're doing your first dance, then trying to grind with your mom and get the waitress to takes shots with them.  Usually in some sort of undress, hammered drunk, and sweating profusely.  They're the life of the party, and I ADORE them. Not only do they get the party started (and keep it going till the end), they also make me laugh during the wedding, and after wards as I'm editing. I want to invite all of these guys to a party and see what happens. My guess is everyone would wake up the next day a little hazy, but with the vague recollection of a dance off. So here's to you crazy uncles, inappropriate groomsmen, childhood friends, and the brothers of the bride. Cheers!

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