Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pleasant Hill Baby Photographs- Cade's growing up!

My apologies for completely ignoring this blog for the last month! I'm in the process of creating a new website, which I foolishly though would only take me a week or two.  A month later I'm still tweaking the background texture, changing the layout, and adding more and more images! A new blog is in the works too, and I've been holding off posting until the new one is up, but....I can only wait so long. And who knows when it will be done anyways!

So anyhoo...you may remember Cade from his 3 month portraits a while back.  He's the tiny adorable one (as if that narrows it down) with the bright blue eyes. Well I recently went back to Pleasant Hill to photograph him and I swear I thought he was wearing a hat when I walked in he's grown so much hair. He looks like a little man now, and still pretty adorable.


  1. Oh dear, this made my heart melt! LOVE! I can't wait to see your website when it is all done!:)

  2. He looks like a little man in the bottom left pic...he's such a cutie!