Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gift Certificate!

Somehow I have been extremely lucky, and all of my clients are kind of amazing. So amazing, that people like to buy them gifts, and often. So, after many requests from family and friends to buy gifts of additional wedding hours, maternity sessions,  prints, etc. I decided I might as well give them something cute to include with a card! Plus I had a fun time designing them :)

So here is the official gift certificate for Diana Maire Photography.  Hope you like it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Wedding Jams

I may be stating the obvious, but I go to A LOT of weddings. Not only do I shoot weddings, but I also happen to be at that age where all of my friends are getting married, so I go as a guest and bridesmaid as well. When you go to weddings so often, you start to hear the same music over and over again. Maybe you were hoping to walk down the isle to "Somewhere over the rainbow", but then you saw 3 of your friends do this and thought maybe you should look for another song. Or you thought "oh...that song butterfly kisses is perfect for my dad and I to dance to!" and then you realized it's perfect for everyone else too.

I know it's hard to find songs that fit well with weddings, so when my husband and I got engaged we were on the hunt for original, fun, but also sweet and romantic songs. It took months. And still, over a year later, when I hear a good song for a wedding, I write it down. I mean, that's what a good bridesmaid does right?!

So, here is a playlist of some wedding goodness. I in no way am a DJ, or a music expert, and probably have different taste than 90% of you. These songs are also slow, and will only work for first dances, cocktail hour/eating, or the ceremony. You are on your own for booty shaking music. Apologies if you hate all the songs, but if I help 1 person find the song to walk down the aisle to, I'm happy :)

Songs that made the list but aren't available on (check itunes):

John heart Jackie "You've been on my mind"
Kurt Maire "Tangible things"
Ben Harper "Gold to me"

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

East Bay Wedding Photography - Kate & David

Kate & David actually got married a few months ago in David's parents living room. In it's own way, it was perfect. So personal and intimate, yet laid back and fun. It is the first (and probably last) wedding where the bride and groom say to the guests before hand, "are you guys ready, do you think we should start now?"
Their reception was a few weeks ago, and what a change! Tons of people gathered around to celebrate,  it was definitely a good time.

Congrats Kate & David!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tahoe Baby Portraits- Brendan turns 1!

If I keep photographing such cute kids, I'm gonna get the fever, and not the kind that can be cured with more cowbell. Baby fever, the most dangerous kind.....

But seriously, how cute is this kid? I've photographed him in the belly, at 3 months, at 6 months, 9 months, and now a year! This is the first time I've photographed him since he started walking, and phew, what a change! He is off and running within seconds. His parents are in for quite a task!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Petaluma Lifestyle Photography-Lagunitas Brewery

Last weekend, when it was nice and warm and there was no mention of a freakish snow storm, it was the perfect day to go beer tasting. And so we did, and it was fabulous, and I took a couple photos. Beer can be beautiful too, right?

Pleasant Hill Baby Photographs- Cade's growing up!

My apologies for completely ignoring this blog for the last month! I'm in the process of creating a new website, which I foolishly though would only take me a week or two.  A month later I'm still tweaking the background texture, changing the layout, and adding more and more images! A new blog is in the works too, and I've been holding off posting until the new one is up, but....I can only wait so long. And who knows when it will be done anyways!

So may remember Cade from his 3 month portraits a while back.  He's the tiny adorable one (as if that narrows it down) with the bright blue eyes. Well I recently went back to Pleasant Hill to photograph him and I swear I thought he was wearing a hat when I walked in he's grown so much hair. He looks like a little man now, and still pretty adorable.