Friday, January 7, 2011

San Francisco City Hall Wedding- Natalia & Mike

San Francisco's city hall might be one of the most GORGEOUS buildings I've ever seen. So gorgeous, that people who don't even live near the bay area fly in to get married here.  Natalia & Mike live in Southern California, and flew in the day before the wedding to take care of any last minute details. On the way to the ceremony they stopped by a florist and grabbed a bouquet and then swung by a bakery to pick out a small cake. It was so relaxed and carefree, and seemed like the perfect ceremony for these too. Congrats to Natalia & Mike!


  1. It's been a little over a year since our wedding and I still can't believe how beautiful our photos are. You are amazing! We have a 3 month old daughter now and I can't wait until she looks at these photographs and adores them the way I do. By the way, we are flying back to San Fran for her 1 year old pictures. Can't wait to see what you capture!!

  2. Ahh thanks Natalia! Can't wait to meet your little girl and see you guys again!