Friday, November 5, 2010

Stockton Wedding: Sara & Joey

Sara & Joey have the most amazing friends and family. Throughout the day everyone kept thanking me for being there, and when I left her little sister gave me a huge hug and yelled "no you can't leave!!".  Their whole family are truly the nicest and sweetest people I've met, and it was such an honor to photograph their wedding!

The funny thing about Sara and Joey is how modest they are about everything. They casually said "oh we're just going to have our wedding in a family friend's backyard, it will be pretty simple".  I mentally prepared myself to retouch out BBQ's and yard knomes. When I pulled up to the house I couldn't believe my eyes. It was honestly the most gorgeous house I've ever seen. Just look at the backyard where they got married:

Did I mention that there is a vineyard 10 feet away, and the house is a gorgous mix of rustic and modern, with huge windows and stone flooring. Sighh... it was nice.

Back to Sara & Joey gorgeous do they look!


  1. I love the pool shots! What a great idea! The photos look amazing, as always!