Monday, October 11, 2010

San Juan Batista Ranch Wedding: Sheena & Danny

My husband, Eric, grew up with Danny, so I've gotten to know him and Sheena pretty well over the last few years. They are both incredibly nice, fun people, and it was such an honor to photograph their wedding! It was also so fun to get to meet all of Sheena's friends and family, since we usually hang out with the boys when Eric and I visit! You may remember them from their engagement photos that I posted earlier in the year. We shot those while on a weekend getaway to Danny's parents ranch, up near Mt. Lassen. I thought that location was hard to beat, until I saw where they were getting married. They're lucky enough to have a family friend that owns this gorgeous ranch. Unfortunately for everyone else, its not available to rent, and is an actual working ranch (in case you couldn't tell by the horses, and the goat that doesn't seem to want to get out of the shot!)


Ahh the goat.....that little fella did not want to get out of the shot. Which was completely fine until he tried to eat Sheena's dress, then I had to get serious with him. Oddly enough it was not the first time I'd had to herd a goat during a photo shoot!

Congrats Danny & Sheena!

Other Vendors include:

Mission Trails ROP-flowers
DJ Chris Gallego
Sugarbee- Band

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