Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A million sneak peeks

Ok...well maybe not a million. But still, a lot. I have been an editing machine these past few weeks. We're talking a full on, well oiled, hard working editing machine. You would think this would mean that I would be posting on the blog huge amounts of new work, but I'm crazy, and always think that I shouldn't be spending time blogging when I should be editing. My clients are waiting after all....

But, I'm taking a quick break, and thought I'd post a few photos from some of the hugely different weddings I've shot over the past week. I've gone from tea ceremonies, to oyster shacks, to backyard weddings, to even a reception in an aquarium. Some of my favorite weddings yet have occurred over the past few weeks, and I can't wait to share more from them! But until I finish my editing, here are some sneak peeks :)

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