Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bay Area Bridal Fashion Shoot

I posted a teaser a while ago from this shoot I had with Sandra from Sleigh wedding dresses. Here are a couple more of my favorites!

I had such a blast on this shoot with Sandra and our model Autumn! I can't wait for the next shoot, Sandra sent me a photo of a gorgeous little ruffley number that we plan on photographing soon!



  1. The photos are beautiful! Thank you Diana.


  2. Diana, do you remember when we took photos out on the train tracks and downtown in Petaluma? I wish I still had the one of me sitting on the brick wall on my disappeared somehow. :( Anyway, I love your photos! You're amazing! Hope all is well! :)

  3. I do remember! That was so fun! Ever interested in doing a wedding dress shoot? Sandra from Sleigh Dresses and I are going to do a few more, and we're always looking for models :)

    The next post is for you! Send me your email adress and I'll email you the photos!