Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Favorites!

1. Favorite workout. I love running. I completely zone out when running, and manage to get a lot of thinking done and problems worked out while I'm working out. It's also a way of location scouting for me, since I often do portrait session in locations I pass when running! Since the weather has been a little nicer lately, and the days are longer, I've been able to become re-acquainted with some of my longer routes. My favorite is a loop that goes along Clement street, past Sutro Bath and onto the trail at Lands End with gorgeous views of the golden gate bridge. Then its in front of the Legion of Honor and through Lincoln Golf Course, down to Golden Gate Park, past the buffalo and the windmill, along Ocean Beach, then back home. It's a really challenging run, but totally worth it, and is absolutely beautiful.

2. Favorite wedding inspiration. Green Wedding Shoes. This is hands down my favorite wedding blog. I still check it out almost daily, and I was married 7 months ago, that's how awesome it is. The photos are gorgeous, the details and weddings are gorgeous. I just love it. Check it out and you will be hooked too.

3. Favorite Tradition. Tacos for Easter. A lot of families do the whole "ham for Easter thing" which is fine, but in my opinion tacos are a whole lot tastier than ham. My family does a big brunch for Easter, followed by a little kid egg hunt for my nieces and nephews, followed by an adult egg. Yes we still do egg hunts for myself and my siblings, and I'm the youngest at 26. We also still have baskets, only instead of them being filled with toys, they are filled with things we will actually use,like my favorite face lotion, or a target gift card. Instead of candy in our eggs we get lottery tickets. I love Easter.

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  1. oh...I see how to do this....And when you run you like to think about everyone around you breaking out in a song and dance the mail man....the dry cleaner....and so on.