Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday Favorites (On a Monday)

So...I have a valid excuse for not posting Friday favorites on Friday. It was 80º.  In San Francisco, those days only come around a handful of times a year, and I think they should automatically become holidays. "Sun days" if you will.  I just couldn't stand to sit inside on the computer so I packed up a lunch and some drinks and headed to Dolores Park with some friends. Trust me, you would have done the same :)

So, here are the (belated) Friday Favorites!

#1 Favorite New Project: Making my own sourdough. I like cooking, but I REALLY like baking. I'm pretty picky about food, but I've never met a baked good I didn't get along with, so baking suites me well. The newest item to come to my baking resume is sourdough bread from scratch. Its super simple to make your own bread, it just takes a bit of a commitment. You need to "feed" your sourdough starter almost everyday, and the bread takes forever to rise once you decide to bake it, but its totally worth it. I started my sourdough starter about 6 weeks ago, and I'm currently letting my third batch rise. Its really nice to have the dough pretty much made and waiting in my fridge! Here is the recipe that I used:

#2 Favorite recently discovered blog: Little Green Notebook. Since Eric and I are planning on moving soon, I'm getting excited to decorate and have been checking out designing blogs. I love how this blog explains how to do things. Most decorating blogs just post inspiration pictures, but this blog is like watching HGTV, and then receiving written instructions for how to do everything you just saw! It's sooo helpful if you are like me and don't really know where to start!

#3 Favorite new music. Passion Pit. I'm not actually sure how new it is, but its new to me! I usually don't like "electronic" music, and tend to favor more soft, indie rock type bands ( I could listen to Band of Horses all day everyday) but something about Passion Pit is kind of addicting.  Listen to the song "Sleepyhead" and if you like it, you will probably like most of the songs on the cd.

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