Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sonoma Engagement Session Sneak Peek - Amy & Jack

Amy & Jack are getting married in Sonoma at Ramekins Culinary School next summer, and I'm pretty excited about it. They were such a great couple to photograph, that their sneak peek turned into 15 photos. A bit excessive I know.

I just shot this yesterday and honestly haven't even laid an eye on every photo yet. These are just a few (or 15......) that caught my eye. I'll post some more when I've had time to sit down and flip through them!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pleasant Hill Baby Portraits- 3 month old Cade

For the next year I get to photograph this kid every 3 months. Who is jealous?! Cause I would be, he is cute, smiley, and his parents are super cool.

Meet Cade everyone. You'll see him again in a few months....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Orson Restaurant Wedding- Amy & Steven

I knew right when I met Amy & Steven that their wedding would be awesome. First off, we met for beers, rather than coffee, which is always a plus in my book. They also casually informed me that we may be kicked out of the park where the wedding would take place because they weren't actually allowed to be there. For some reason this made me like them more as well. Also, the guests would be parading down to the restaurant where the reception would take place, complete with a marching band, signs and banners. Now I was getting excited...

Unfortunately this was the year to plan an outdoor wedding and then have it rain (I think it happened  3 times for me, plus on countless other portrait sessions!) So rather than have the ceremony at a park, the entire wedding took place at Orson Restaurant, where only the reception had originally planned to happen.

Luckily the rain stopped for a bit so we could take some outdoor portraits, and the parade was just as fabulous inside as it would have been outside!

It was such a fun and relaxing wedding! Congrats Amy & Steven!


Venue: Orson Restaurant (www.orsonsf.com)
Band: Nice Guy Trio (http://www.myspace.com/niceguytrio)
Photo Assistant: Leda Mast (a couple of the photos below are by her! Great job Leda!)

Love, LOVE her peacock feather pin....

I said to Steven something along the lines of "Ok, do something awesome" He struck this pose, which I found quite hilarious.

Amy's family's reaction when they see her is priceless

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Northen California Ranch Photos- The Maire Family

That's right, Maire. This is my family. And this is the ranch that we bought when I was about 6 years old. Sadly, we've recently decided to sell it, and got an offer within days. This was our farewell trip to the ranch, and was fabulous because it's the first time the whole family has been able to get together in months!

(click on the photos to see a larger version)

Apparently a common thing to do when pheasant hunting is to buy a box of pheasants, let them loose, and the next day go hunting. Personally, I think this is cheating. And hunting sort of freaks me out, so this is the first time I've ever gone with the boys to let the birds loose. Aren't they beautiful?! I'm rooting for the pheasants on this one.

My mom really wanted me to take a family photo. But before we knew it, the light was fading, we'd been fishing all day, and most of of were covered in mud. We figured, we already look bad, might as well look silly and sit on a tractor. So we did. I love my family.

Location: Corning, Ca


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Portrait Session in Golden Gate Park: The Roby's

The only thing better than a tiny adorable toddler is a tiny adorable toddler in a dinasour costume. Ask anyone, cause it's true. And here is proof:

I love that I get to see this kid every 3 months! We're planning a 1 year portrait session in the snow, and I'm ridiculously excited.

The Roby's maternity session

Brendan's 3 month session

Brendan's 6 month session

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Petaluma Engagement Session: Megan & David

These two kids are kind of adorable. They throw leaves at each other, they jump in puddles, they laugh a lot. They were down to shoot these photos when it looked like a monsoon outside. It was pouring and crazy windy that morning, and I even called and suggested we push it back a week, but they said they'd like to just give it a go! I'm so glad we did, because even though I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get to test out all of the pouring rain portrait scenarios I thought of in the car (while I was terrified for my life, seriously, it was a really scary drive), the rain completely cleared up and it was a gorgeous evening!

Now, Megan and David are one of those awesome couples that you can just tell they enjoy each others company. As I was editing the photos, I noticed that not only did they start to smile or laugh at the exact same moment, but they often blinked, licked their lips, or looked away at the exact same moment. Kind of crazy, right!?

This shoot takes place in Petaluma, Ca, and the winery is Kastania Vineyards who were kind enough to let us shoot there! Also, thanks to Vanessa at Beauty Mark Ink for doing Megan's hair and makup!

Megan and David are getting married next year at Silver Creek Valley Country Club! I can't wait!