Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Invites

I've gotten a lot of compliments on my wedding invites, so I thought I'd post them with a little tutorial!

If you've ever been wedding invite shopping, you know it can be a little overwhelming, and the prices for invites are pretty over the top. After looking at a few stores and seeing that most invites seemed far to formal, flowery, and pricey for me, I decided to design my own. Here is what I came up with:

I knew letterpress was completely out of the budget, so in order to add a little something to the invites without jacking up the price, I added a pattern on the back. The process was surprisingly easy. I downloaded free photoshop brushes from, then combined two brushes I really liked. A little drawing in photoshop to make the two images fit together, and voila, we have our own special little logo!

I hate how most wedding invites use a lot of paper. Outer envelope, inner envelope, reply envelope, directions, etc. We decided to save paper and costs by having the reply card be a postcard. I also fit two designs per page, which saved even more!

I repeated the same logo, and grass artwork throughout the invite suite to create consistency. I also used all the same colors and fonts. All pieces were printed on a thick, linen texture, white paper. All the fonts I downloaded for free from

Lastly, I had them printed at the same place that printed my business cards for me, an adorable little stationary store in Petaluma called Paperwhite. They did a great job, had many paper options to choose from, and it ended up being less than half the cost of ordering a pre-made invite. I definitely recommend going the dyi route for invites!


  1. These invitations are truly amazing! I would pay big $$ for them and next time I have any stationary needs, I'm coming to you...