Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 weeks!

Today marks the date of exactly two weeks until our wedding. A little crazy, a little overwhelming, but really exciting none the less. I picked up my dress yesterday and have been waiting for Eric to leave to take a picture of it. The surfing is supposed to be bad, so there goes my one chance! I'll have to make up an errand for him to run :)

Instead of dress pictures, here are some reception items I designed recently! We decided that the place settings needed a little more color, so these little guys will be on ribbons tied around the napkins on each plate. Originally there was only supposed to be one version, but, as usual, I got a little carried away and made more!

Since our main color is yellow, and we are having lemons in multiple places at the reception, I decided to incorporate that into the labels. I googled "lemon pictues" and then downloaded a perfect picture of a cut open lemon that I used for all of the designs. Even on the designs with the lilies, I left the peel of the lemon on the outside as a border. The lilies are the same brush I used for the invites, I just erased the part I didn't need and created a new photoshop brush of 1 simple lily! Easy, right?! Does anyone have a favorite?! I couldn't decide, and that's partly why we ended up with 4!

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